Otaniemi Free Space is a student driven collaborative playground, a test platform and a culture space in Otaniemi during 7.4-19.5.2017.

The goal of the project is to create a place for different students, student organisations, communities and disciplines in Aalto University and Otaniemi area to meet each other,  experiment ideas and projects, organize events, workshops and exhibit and perform art.

It is a gathering space for the community and a space for passion, learning from each other, teaching what we know, sharing and hanging out. It is also a space for testing out new kind of temporary uses and methods for participatory culture, bottom up structure and co-creation in the campus area.

Otaniemi Free Space is like Alice in the Wonderland in Aalto context! If you can’t imagine it, come and experience it yourself! The magic happens just when you take part in co-creating it.


Organize an event, a project, or a gathering

Your event can be nearly anything that you feel passionate about organizing! Academic or for fun, up to you! The main focus is in passion, community building, collaboration, art and urban activism in the campus area.

Your event can be for example: Breakfast talk about your research topic, power-point karaoke, cross-disciplinary debate, panel discussion, co-creative workshop..It can be also a social event like movie night, clothes swap, book-club, painting class, speed dating, cooking class, silent disco or a party, just to mention a few!

Also long term projects like urban gardening, bike repair station, building up an interactive installation, or an outdoor sauna are welcome.

The events should be open for everyone and free of charge/non-profit.

Organize an art exhibition, bring art or make art

We want to challenge the idea of traditional kind of exhibition space, where art is viewed from a distance. Community driven,participatory, cross-disciplinary, interactive, site specific, performative, process- or event based works are the most welcomed.

Propose content to the regular theme nights

We have different theme nights for making the project more structured and fun. Communal dinner, Skills exchange day, and more to come. Propose content to the frames (dish, skill, idea).


Join us and volunteer in the project! Help us in organizing, hosting or in practical stuff.

Bring stuff

Otaniemi Free Space needs your contribution to make the space feel like home! Bring furniture, plants or anything else that you would think be suitable and fun for the space. We will also inform, if we are looking for something specific.

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Otaniemi Free Space is located in the former ADD Cafe in Otaniemi, Sähkömiehentie 4 G.